COVID19 update 4/3/2020

We wanted to let our patients know that we now have "virtual visits" available thru video. Please call the office (248 478 3200) if you would like a virtual visit with the doctor. As we all try to stay home and minimize outside exposure, a virtual visit  works well for several illnesses and problems. The doctor can then advise you if your child needs to be seen in office for a test or Xray.
Thanks and remember: "this too shall pass"!

COVID19 update 3/23/2020

With the "stay at home" order in effect in Michigan as of midnight tonight, we wanted to clarify Brentwood Pediatrics is an essential service and we WILL remain open. We will open daily at 9 am and close when the last patient is done. Please call the office if you need an appointment. After hours phone line is also open for urgent questions. We will get through this together!!

COVID19 update 3/20/2020

As the Coronavirus situation changes day by day and sometimes hour by hour, we want to assure our patients that our office is open and we are available after hours as well for urgent questions. Please remember that the majority of children with cough and fever DO NOT have Coronavirus...they likely have strep or the flu or just a common cold virus. We can help you determine which it is. Call the office to make an appointment. Coronavirus testing is also available in LIMITED AMOUNTS and will be done only if felt to be necessary by the doctor and if it is going to change treatment. Please continue to take common sense precautions to protect yourselves