Come by for a Visit:

We encourage expectant parents and new patients to stop by for a 'get to know the office' visit. When you visit, you will get to meet the staff and the doctors, see the exam rooms and the various services we provide.    

As you know, the philosophy of the doctor in caring for your child in sickness and in health is a very important determinant in choosing a Pediatrician. However, equally important are the following factors:

  • How quickly can you get an appointment for a sick child? 
  • How easy is it to reach the doctor after hours? 
  • If your child gets admitted to the hospital, which doctor will be in charge of their care? 

At Brentwood , if you call us at 4 pm on a Friday about a child with an ear ache, we will usually get you in at 4.30. Our doctors will often wait past our normal hours to care for a sick little one.   

 At Brentwood Pediatrics, if you call after hours, you will not get an answering service or a 'phone-tree'. For urgent matters after hours, just call and press '99' and the call will get forwarded to the on call doctor's cell phone.    Our doctors admit patients to 'our service'. We don't hand off hospital care to a 'hospitalist'. That means our  doctors will be in charge of your child's care while in the hospital and he will 'round' on your child every da